Users who visit and subdomain (hereinafter referred to as the site) and users who are members of the site shall be deemed to have read, understood, accepted and declared the following membership agreement.

1. The Parties

The Oxt Branding User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the ‘User Agreement’), which is an integral part of this agreement and the annexes thereto, shall be construed between the Nil Yalçınkaya Personal Business and the User who is a member of the Site and the User shall be a Member of the Site. Agreement of the Site in the electronic environment is approved by the User immediately arranged.

By subscribing to the Site, you acknowledge, declare and undertake that you have read the entire User Agreement, fully understand the content and agree to all its provisions.

2. Definitions

Oxt Branding:   Oxt Branding Registered Trademark, services provided by the brand through Nil Yalçınkaya Private Business and website of the brand

User:   A natural or legal person who is a member of the Site and makes use of the Services offered on the Site under the terms set forth in this User Agreement.

Receiver:   User who purchases goods and / or services offered by the Seller for sale by using the Services offered on the Site

Seller:   By using the Services offered on the Site, the User who offers the goods and / or services for which he / she is legally entitled and has the right and authority to make savings on the property for sale to other Users.

site:   I   and sub-domains linked to this domain

Oxt Branding Services (“Service” for short):   In order to enable the users to perform the works and transactions defined in the User Agreement, Oxt Branding, the applications set forth in the Site,   Oxt Branding may make changes and / or adaptations to the Services at any time in order to enable the Users to perform more effectively the tasks and transactions defined in the User Agreement. The terms and conditions to which the Users are obliged to comply with these changes and / or adaptations made by Oxt Branding are communicated to the Users by Oxt Branding from the notice board with explanations regarding the use of the related Service.

Secure Sales System:   For the performance of the payment part of the sales contract concluded between the Buyer and the Seller, the Service provided by Oxt Branding under the terms set forth in the User Agreement

Secure Account:   A bank account managed by Oxt Branding for the execution of the Secure Sales System Service

Product:   All goods and / or services offered by the Seller for sale on the Site

3. Subject and Scope of the Contract

3.1   The subject of the User Agreement is the determination of the Services offered on the Site, the terms of benefiting from these Services and the rights and obligations of the parties.

3.2   The scope of the User Agreement includes the User Agreement and its annexes, and any statements made by Oxt Branding regarding use, membership and Services, such as warnings, inscriptions and disclosures.

3.3   By accepting the terms of the User Agreement, you also agree to comply with any and all statements made by Oxt Branding regarding use, membership and Services contained on the Site.

4. Membership and Terms of Service

4.1   Membership, the relevant section of the Site, by the person who wants to become a User, by sending the necessary credentials to become a member of the Site and the user’s registration to the e-mail address given by Oxt Branding ‘ link ‘ sent by the user’s registration process is completed. You may not have the right and authority to become a User defined in this User Agreement until the membership process is completed.

4.2   To be a member of the Site, you must be eighteen years old and not be suspended or banned from membership by Oxt Branding in accordance with Article 5.2 of this User Agreement. Persons who have not reached the age of eighteen or have been suspended or banned from membership by Oxt Branding pursuant to Article 5.2 of this User Agreement, as set out above, have not completed the registration of the Site.

5. Rights and Obligations

5.1. Rights and Obligations of the User

a)   The User shall comply with all the terms and conditions contained in the User Agreement, the rules specified in the relevant parts of the Site, and all applicable legislation while performing the membership procedures, making use of the Services of the Site and performing any transactions related to the Services on the Site. accepts, declares and undertakes that he understands and approves all terms and conditions.  

b)   The User agrees with the provisions of the Privacy Policy. Oxt Branding will be authorized to disclose its confidential / private / commercial information to both the authorities and the beneficiaries in accordance with the provisions of the applicable mandatory legislation or in cases of alleged violations of the rights of other Users and third parties. acknowledge, declare and undertake that no compensation can be claimed under any circumstances.  

c)   Users are solely responsible for the security, storage, retention and use of third parties’ information about the means of access to the system (Username, password, etc.) that users use to benefit from the Services offered by Oxt Branding. Users, the security of the system input tools, stored, kept away from third party information, use because of all the neglect the issues and defects such as users and / or third party suffered or with reference to the damage which may be suffered Oxt Branding, directly or indirectly, there is no any responsibility.  

D)   Users acknowledge, declare and undertake that the information and contents provided by them within the Site are correct and lawful. Oxt Branding, by users Oxt Branding ‘e transmitted or uploaded by them through the site, replaced or provided information and research the accuracy of the content of this information and the contents of the safe, accurate and as committed to comply with the law and obliged to guarantee and be responsible for, the information in question and any damages arising out of incorrect or incorrect content.  

to) Users of Oxt Branding without the written consent of the User Agreement within the scope of rights and obligations, partially or completely, and not transfer any third party.  

f)   In Oxt Branding those who benefit from the services it offers and the use of the site can only transact on the site for the lawful purpose. Legal and criminal responsibility of the users in every transaction and action performed within the Site belongs to them. Each user Oxt Branding and / or any other third party real or personal rights or in a way that constitutes infringement on the property, the pictures contained within the site, text, visual and auditory images, video clips, files, databases of heat, catalogs and lists duplicate, to copy shall not distribute, process, and will not compete directly and / or indirectly with Oxt Branding either through these actions or other means. Oxt Branding shall not be liable in any way directly and / or indirectly for any damages suffered or incurred by third parties due to the activities performed by users on the Site in contravention of the provisions of the User Agreement and / or the law.  

g)   Including users of the services provided by third parties because of the content published on the Site and Branding Oxt, there is no responsibility of Oxt Branding employees or managers. Commitment to the accuracy and legality of information, content, visual and audio images provided and published by any third party is entirely the responsibility of those who perform these actions. Oxt Branding does not warrant and guarantee the security, accuracy and legality of services and content provided by third parties, including Users.  

h)   Users are obliged to use the Secure Sales System for the purchase and sale of the Products they offer for sale on the Site without prejudice to certain conditions contained in this Agreement.  

I)   User Oxt Branding covered all kinds of draws will be realized through the site, users who are eligible to participate in the drive, you will share user information campaigns and sweepstakes related persons and institutions and therefore Oxt Branding tarred agree that making any claims, statements and undertakes.  

I)   Users will not they take action to ensure the transfer of money between the membership of their respective memberships or familiar located on the site and the operation of the Site in behavior that manipulates, otherwise Oxt Branding stop to all kinds of damage accept that they will indemnify, and warrants.

j)   Users agree, declare and undertake that this User Agreement shall be valid for all channels in which the Site operates including the mobile environment.  

k)   Oxt Branding, on its own initiative to Users, provides the opportunity to receive promotional and informational messages will be done by Oxt Branding. Users acknowledge, declare and undertake that they consent to the sending of all information and promotional messages by Oxt Branding in every medium where the Site operates. Users had the right to make changes to the settings in the user account and to receive information and promotional messages.  

l)   User Oxt Branding ‘s mobile application for the site in the credit card information in encrypted form agree that allow users to save their own devices, and warrants. The user of the device is stolen, lost or fall into the hands of unauthorized persons due to Oxt Branding agree that any liability, and warrants.

5.1.1. Rights and Obligations of Buyers

a)   Buyers’ Product of the product description with a request to purchase, sales conditions determined by the Seller procedures.  

b)   The Buyer is required to submit the result of the business to the Site within +24 hours of the day determined by the seller after the Buyer has paid the Product price to the Secure Account.  

to)   Buyers, Site Retailers by sales to supply products of defective and / or illegal and / or whether the banned products, quality, originality of the software used in the promotion of products and / or included in the accuracy of the video description including but not limited to, related to the original product Oxt Branding ‘n whether the information that have and to have accepted that these commitments and obligations and to guarantee the presence and declare.  

f)   The recipient of the trading process that is taking place on the site whatsoever at any stage and for whatever reason, Seller renounce to deliver and to sell the product or in case of cancellation of single fiber s given to the product, because of this situation Oxt Branding no liability or obligation; Oxt Branding, or the equivalent of trying to purchase the product, although the supply whatsoever thus cannot demand or accept any compensation payment motion here, and warrants.  

g)   In the event that the terms described in this User Agreement are met, the Buyer shall pay the sales price sent to the Secure Account to the Seller for the transfer of the Service fee commission, including VAT, and the Buyer shall replace the obligations specified in Article 5.1.1 (d) of this User Agreement. Upon receipt, the Seller will be transferred to the bank account notified to Oxt Branding; In this process, the buyer has the money in the safe Oxt Branding Account ‘s no action on behalf of the recipient and will not accept, saving and warrants.  

h)   Receiver Site in the Law on Consumer Protection and Distance Contracts Relating to Oxt according to the regulation Branding ‘I recognize that the use of its own user data, and warrants.  

I)   Buyer Oxt Branding ‘s disclosure form the front side and would not in any disputes arising from this distance contracts; that the Seller shall be the sole addressee of any request regarding the prior notification form and the distance contract and / or the Product subject to sale; this demand with relevant Oxt Branding agree that any legal responsibility there, and warrants.  

I)   Buyer, with non-parties to the sale contract between the seller and the need trading relationship and sales subject to any action related products, commitments and not included in liabilities Oxt Branding the scope of the Law on Consumer Protection, vendor, provider, manufacturer, manufacturers, dealers, agents the advertiser, the media organization and any other, under any name, has no transaction, commitment and obligation; It acknowledges, understands and accepts that it is not a party to the preliminary information form and the distance agreement with the seller.

5.1.2. Rights and Obligations of Sellers

a)   Seller agrees, declares and undertakes that the Product (s) offered for sale on the Site are the property of and / or authorized to transfer the ownership and that there is no legal or other obstacle against the sale of the Product (s) by itself. would.  

b )   Seller, offering for sale of the Product / Prohibited Goods, including the User Agreement specified in the provisions of the determined or the site specific locations, offered on the Site and Site Services line with the rules governing the use of soluble and membership requirements relating and that it is not in contradiction with the applicable legislation.  

)   The seller took delivery of Buyer’s product, to be delivered to the account of the seller of the product price in the Secure Account Oxt Branding ‘the transaction can request or by Seller sent to him by not accepting the product, will be able to return the product to the seller and to be returned to it the product fee Oxt accepts, declares and undertakes that it may request a transaction to Branding .  

d )   Seller shall, in accordance with the User Agreement, ship and deliver the Product in a timely, undamaged manner, in accordance with the qualifications specified on the Site, free of defects; The sale of the Product to the Buyer, the transfer of ownership and related rights, and the obligations belong to him alone, declares and undertakes.  

e )   Seller, Buyer himself of the sales price sent by secure account for the transfer, including KDV Service fee commission off and the recipient of this Agreement 5.1.1 (c) after fulfilling the obligations specified in Article Seller Oxt Branding ‘E reported by banks will be transferred to the account; In this process, the buyer have the money safe in an account, Oxt Branding agree not to engage in any transaction, and save money on their behalf, and warrants.  

f )   The seller of the buy-sell process that is taking place on the site whatsoever at any stage and for whatever reason, if renounce the receiver to buy the product, because of this situation Oxt Branding would no responsibility and no liability; The Site accepts, declares and undertakes that the Product that it tries to sell cannot be sold to anybody or be paid any compensation based on the purchase conditions established by the Purchaser, who, in any case, has given up the purchase.  

g )   Seller, in the event of breach of any provision of this Agreement Oxt Branding the event of any loss as a result of Oxt Branding’ I will promptly reimburse the losses born; if the money contained in the secure account, Oxt Branding  any notice and without warning accept the damages must be taken from this deposit, and warrants.  

h )   The Seller is solely responsible for any and all damages incurred by the Purchasers and third parties in connection with the Products it offers for sale, both at the stage of sale and after the sale is completed and payment is made to him, and the buyer and the right due to failure to fulfill the obligations specified in this User Agreement. the rights and receivables arising from all the claims and lawsuits to be put forward by the owners, as well as expenses and attorneys’ fees. There is always the right to recourse to the Seller any attorneys’ fees, indemnities and other claims arising from all lawsuits brought by Buyer and rights holders against Oxt Branding.  

i)   Seller, Oxt Branding accordance with the Regulation on products it sells to the Consumer Protection Act on and Distance Selling on the site of its own users and subject to sale acknowledge that use of the information provided on the product, and warrants.  

o)   The seller will be responsible for the accuracy of product related information, Oxt Branding ‘provided by him agree that the obligation to check the accuracy of this information, and warrants.  

p)   The Seller agrees, declares and undertakes that it shall comply with the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection and the Regulation on Distance Sales and shall not make any transactions or declarations restricting or eliminating these provisions. Seller’s entire liability to Buyer under the Law on Consumer Protection that belonged to him, any disputes arising between the Buyer, lawsuits and demands from Oxt Branding will not have any responsibility and preliminary information form and agree to act in accordance with the distance contract, declares and undertakes.

r)   In accordance with the provisions of the Banking Cards and Credit Cards Law and the Regulation on Bank Cards and Credit Cards issued in accordance with this Law and the provisions of the Law No. 4077 on Consumer Protection or other relevant legislation, and do not use words that are not related to the Product. Seller should need User Agreement Bank Cards and Credit Cards Law and Debit Cards issued in accordance with this Act and Credit Card Regulation on the provisions of both the 4077 Consumer Protection Act on provisions or other relevant legislation due to the listing contrary to Oxt Branding ‘n may be exposed Seller shall be liable for all damages and losses, including administrative sanctions and penalties. Oxt Branding reserves the right to remove this Product (s) from the site if it is found that Oxt Branding incorrectly categorizes the Product (s) or gives misleading information and / or words about the Product (s). Oxt Branding the said product / product removal from the site due to the Seller’s Oxt Branding damage and to demand damages is not in question.

5.2. Branding Oxt Rights and Obligations

a)   Oxt Branding always offered services and content in the melt line Site reserves the right to turn to third parties to access and deletion. Oxt Branding may exercise this right without prior notice or notice. Users Oxt Branding requested the changes and / or corrections must fulfill as soon as possible. The damages, legal and penal liability arising from or arising from the failure to fulfill the changes and / or correction requests requested by Oxt Branding in due time by the Users shall be the sole responsibility of the Users.  

b)   Oxt Branding, through the site, Oxt Branding beyond his control third-party vendors, providers and other third parties owned and operated by other web sites and / or portals, file or content to’ link ‘can give. These ‘links’ may be provided by Users or by Oxt Branding for convenience of reference only and are not intended to support the website or the person who operates the site or represent any kind of representation or warranty for the website or the information contained therein. On site ‘links are accessed through portals, websites, files and content, it’ links are accessed through portals or services offered from your website or product or Oxt Branding about their content is not any responsibility.  

c)   Oxt Branding, l Services provided on the Site is in sooner and related products in emerging between users match the vague issues, not involved with the mediator or arbitrator title.  

D)   The bidding of the products offered by the seller for sale by him, his friend, relatives or any other person he / she recognizes is ‘manipulation’. Membership of the Seller whose ‘Manipulation has been determined and / or that the Prohibited Products specified in the User Agreement and the products that are prohibited for sale by the relevant legislation is offered for sale and / or does not comply with the provisions of the User Agreement and the rules specified on the Site, is temporary or permanent is canceled.  

to)   Oxt Branding shall temporarily or permanently cancel the membership of the Seller who is determined to offer the Prohibited Products specified in the User Agreement and the Products prohibited for sale by the applicable legislation and / or does not comply with the provisions of the User Agreement and the rules specified on the Site .  

f)   Oxt Branding is required to identify messages and / or content that occur between Users on the site and which are not in breach of the operation of the Site and / or the User Agreement and / or the Site’s general rules and / or general code of ethics and which are not acceptable to Oxt Branding. scan content and / or messages and remove the detected messages and / or content from access at any time; Oxt Branding may notify the User in writing of this message and / or the content in writing and / or terminate the User’s membership temporarily or permanently without notice.  

g)   Users and Oxt Branding are legally independent parties. There is no partnership, representation or employee-employer relationship between them. As a result of ratification and implementation of the User Agreement, no partnership, representation or employee-employer relationship is created.  

h)   The “usernames” that users upload to the Site while they are subscribing to the Site are also subject to the provisions of this User Agreement. Users should not violate the legal rights of third parties such as copyright, brand, trade name while determining the “username”. If users act in contradiction with the provisions of this article, Oxt Branding may request the user to rectify this situation in violation of the User Agreement, or he may temporarily or permanently cancel the User’s membership without prior notice to the User.  

I)   Oxt Branding will review applications through the Entitlement Protection Program by individuals claiming to be infringing any intellectual and industrial property rights, including but not limited to trademark and intellectual property rights. Oxt Branding ‘entitled to protection program to remove the Products list le menu for users as a result of the applications submitted and suspend the membership of Users and reserves the right to cancel if necessary.

I)   Oxt Branding may use User information to collect statistical information about the products they offer for sale.  

j)   The Seller shall be responsible for the importation of the product subject to sale, and / or any tax, fund, penalty, any other obligations and their interest. Oxt Branding, which is a Place Provider, has no responsibility for these matters.  

6. Prohibited Products

a)   Branding Oxt covered by the Services Site, some of the Products is prohibited by Oxt Branding supply sales. Prohibited Products are listed in the ‘Help’ section of the Site, in the Prohibited Products list and in the Prohibited Products list annexed to this User Agreement. Oxt Branding to ban the sale of products, only the Prohibited Products list   is not limited to legislation or Oxt Branding A.Ş. As per their policies   prohibited products and products.  

b)   If Prohibited Products are offered for sale by the Seller on the Site and this condition is determined by Oxt Branding, Oxt Branding shall not be entitled to discontinue the sale of the Prohibited Products and the sale processes of the related Prohibited Products and / or to refuse listing fees for those products and / or The Seller reserves the right to terminate his / her membership temporarily or permanently and / or terminate the User Agreement without notice.  

c)   Oxt Branding may, when deemed necessary (particularly in the event of stolen, illegal or counterfeit Product sales), make a complaint or notice to the Public Prosecutor and the relevant supervisory and regulatory bodies for the purpose of taking legal action against Seller without prior notice to the Seller. Users in connection with the sale of Products Prohibited, Oxt Branding notice and / or information provided as a result of loss as a result of the case, Oxt Branding accepts, declares and undertakes not to hold any responsibility in any name or capacity and not to claim compensation under any circumstances. Seller, the same reason, stemming from a third party or seek compensation may come from institutions, Oxt Branding, including may arise damages and attorneys’ fees, but not limited to, all litigation and other obligations agreed in advance of the meeting, and warrants.  

D)   Seller, all the products exhibited on the site, subject to the Republic of Turkey in accordance with the customs legislation and customs procedures and accept that the regime has been put into free circulation products, and warrants.  

E) In violation of the customs legislation and the regime in force on the Site or no without being subject to customs procedures of, the Products to be exhibited have made entry to Turkey and sale is prohibited. Users who are resident abroad are not allowed to sell and sell the Products that are not subject to free circulation by subjecting to customs procedures. Oxt Branding cancels the Products exhibited by Users attempting to sell Products that are not subject to customs clearance as direct overseas sales, as soon as they become aware, and does not refund listing fees to those undertaking such undertakings.

7. Services

Based on melt given by Oxt s Branding Services and ensure that users communicate with each other via the Site, a secure payment infrastructure to ensure the transactions between users.

7.1. Secure Sales System

a)   Oxt Branding provides a payment management Service to the Buyer and the Seller in the purchase and sale transaction between Buyer and Seller at the stage of payment of the Product price. Detailed information about the Safe Sales System is provided in the Safe Sales System section of this Agreement.  

b)   Users Secure Sales System from and Service man bought and sold utilizing the melt from the sale of Products or any kind of from sale due to transaction taxes, levies, fees and other liabilities illegality that may arise during the import upon importation of or by-products, all kinds of taxes, funds, they are directly and / or indirectly liable for penalties, other obligations and all of them. Oxt Branding does not belong to any responsibilities arising from sales, transactions and import duties, taxes, duties, duties and similar liabilities.  

7.2. Services Offered for Sale and Transaction:

a)   Vendors selling products to supply, to be viewed by all hours of the day and a wide range of community members, and thus to contribute to the creation of a favorable and competitive market prices Service ‘from the benefit.  

b)   Sellers and Buyers, Sellers are set according to the pricing model, the selling price of products, product price and delivery conditions of payment issues, all kinds of communication using the communication infrastructure Site Service ‘ from the benefit.

7.3. Additional services

a)   User Profile Assessment System, users of secure communication and commerce can be made and in order that they can have an idea about the user other users are completely in the user is an evaluation and scoring system built with and reviews. Users adding reviews to the new user profile, reviews of Branding Services only Oxt s melting will be created in line with the experience and knowledge they have acquired in accordance with the use of the Site.  

b)   When creating a user profile and adding new comments to the User profile, all legal and penal liability for the comments made by the User belongs to the User who added the comment. Oxt Branding will not accept any legal responsibility for comments made on User profiles.  

c)   Users may not, under any circumstances, use any method to manipulate the User Profile Assessment System; if they are found, Oxt Branding ‘  on the subject will realize they will compensate all damage the will and Oxt Branding’  the user’s membership temporarily or permanently accept that the right to terminate, declare and undertake.  

D)    Users’ comments added to the User profile, the rules defined in detail in the User Profile Change section, will not be changed by Oxt Branding under any circumstances.  

to users may not transfer or allow the User profiles created for them to any other User under any circumstances. Formed for the user profile of the person who transfers or open-to-use user Oxt Branding unilaterally and without prior notice, to terminate the User Agreement and recognized that the right to terminate User’s membership, and warrants.  

f)   Users agree, declare and undertake that Oxt Branding may deduct penalty from User profiles if Oxt Branding violates the rules or provisions of the User Agreement specified on the Site.

9. Pricing

Oxt Branding, sales to supply product listings, use the Secure Sales System and Additional Service s valuable about service fees, the site’s ‘Help’ section will be published in. Changes to service fees will take effect from the time the change is announced and will be effective until the end date of the campaign, if a campaign is available. Unless specified otherwise on the Site, Services on Site s all fees will be money sooner, Euro (EUR) will be calculated and will be charged. The fee charged to the customer representative and other creative service providers (graphic designers and text writers) will be transferred to the Turkish Lira (TL) automatically through the Iyzico Marketplace payment infrastructure.

10. Privacy Policy

Oxt Branding may use User information in accordance with the regulations in the Privacy Policy. Oxt Branding, confidential information belonging to users, in contrast to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy consider it a Except as be a not granted to third parties and institutions. 

11. Other Provisions

11.1. Intellectual Property Rights

a)   The site (design, text, images, html code and other codes including but not limited to) all the elements (Oxt Branding the work subject to copyright) Oxt Branding’ e started in and / or Oxt by Branding third used under the license right from a person. Users Oxt Branding Services l melt the Oxt Branding information and Oxt Branding ‘  You may not resell their work subject to copyright, may not share, distribute, exhibit, reproduce, they are derived from studies have not or cannot prepare, or else Oxt Branding’  Service s not allow them to access or use them; otherwise, including licensors, but not limited to, for any damage suffered by third parties Oxt Branding to the claimed compensation amount and court costs and attorneys’ fees, including but will be responsible for meeting all kinds of other obligations including, but not limited thereto.  

b)   Oxt Branding ‘  Oxt Branding Services l melt, Oxt Branding information, Oxt Branding copyrights subject studies, Oxt Branding trademarks, Oxt Branding business outlook or any kind owned by the Site material and intellectual all assets, including property rights, same and all rights to personal rights, commercial information and know-how.  

c)   Users Oxt Branding ‘Brand and Logo water’ s accept that they comply with the rules relating to the use, declarations and commitments would cost.

11.2. Contract Changes

a)   Oxt Branding may, at its sole discretion and unilaterally, modify this User Agreement and its annexes by posting them on the Site at any time it deems appropriate. The amended provisions of this User Agreement shall become effective on the date they are announced or on the date of their validity, if any; the remaining provisions shall remain in force and shall continue to yield their terms and consequences. This User Agreement may not be amended by unilateral declarations of the User.  

b)   This User Agreement shall become effective for all registered users on 12.0 7 .201 9 and for all registered users on and after that date. (You can review the previous version of the agreement at the bottom of the page.)   

11.3. Force Majeure

In all cases deemed to be a ‘force majeure’ legally, Oxt Branding is not liable for late or incomplete performance or non-performance of any of its obligations set forth in this User Agreement. These and similar cases such as this, for Oxt Branding, delay, or to perform or not to perform missing or be deemed to this default or Oxt Branding seek compensation will not be under any name. The term M force majeure, cannot be prevented by the party concerned, except for reasonable control and with due diligence, including, but not limited to, natural disaster, rebellion, war, strike, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power failure and bad weather conditions, events that cannot be avoided.

11.4. Applicable Law and Authority

Turkish Law shall apply in the application, interpretation and management of the legal relations arising within the provisions of this User Agreement. Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices are authorized to settle any disputes arising out of or in this User Agreement.

11.5. Termination of Contract

This User Agreement shall remain in force if the User is a member of the Site and shall continue to bear its terms and consequences; It shall be deemed to have terminated in the event of temporary or permanent termination of the User’s membership. 

If you have any questions about the operation, please write to .