Be an Oxytocin Expert. Because smart freelancers don’t work alone.


It is a new, “lean business model” for our changing work habits.

We are happy to be growing with the best people; And you are happy to earn good money doing what you love, independently!

Now you might be thinking;

  • Your only option to find customers as a freelancer is word of mouth or online
    bidding websites.
  • Those customers you find from these resources are usually not the well-paying ones. (And the online bidding websites are already overcrowded!)
  • It is an end itself to find bigger customers, not a side hustle. So, you must either choose to sit and work on your computer to finish an urgent design or go outside for customer meetings.
  • Even if you manage to find a well-paying customer, who knows when you will receive the payment?
  • Also, freelancing means the end of your regular income. Which scares most people who long for their financial independence; they simply can’t leave their daily jobs.

So how do we work and what do we offer freelancers?

Our worldwide network for creatives is made of a very simplistic system:

A creative team is made of a copywriter and a graphic designer, who work as partners.

Each creative team has a customer executive, who will bring the creative team
monthly or yearly customers, also manage all the customer relations like making the agreements or face-to-face meetings.

The customer payments are made online, via Oxytocin Branding’s trusted platform, at the beginning of each order.

The payments are then distributed by specific percentages: Brand executives take %20 of each sale, Creative Teams take %70 and Oxt
Branding takes only %10.

Also, customer executives and creative teams can follow up the process of each order take, from the same online platform.

This way;

  • Working for bigger projects and bigger clients is made possible.
  • Working in a team means sharing the responsibility and lowering the stress levels.
  • Creative experts do what they are meant to do: Creating! By Oxytocin Branding, you don’t need to chase customers.
    (And chase them for the payment!)
  • Each team member can build persuasion by working with a trusted brand and don’t have to be “just another freelancer” anymore.
  • Each team member can set her own time and schedule, work independently from wherever she likes.

Which position do you apply for?

Where do you live?

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