Hello there!
I’m a copywriter. My name is Nil.

I started my career in a horse farm, broke a leg (literally) then worked in a creative agency, after that I became a branding expert of a global company. Now, I’ve been a freelancer and an entrepreneur since 2017.

However, as soon as I started working as a freelancer, I realized some bitter truths:


5 big facts about freelancing;


  1. In a competitive market with very low prices, it is extremely difficult to find well-paying jobs.
  2. Working alone makes it difficult to handle two sides of your job: Having good customer relations and working on copywriting or graphic design tasks at the same time is almost impossible.
  3. It is difficult to have larger projects and expand the range of services.
  4. I’ve never seen a big customer who pays on time.
  5. It is difficult to earn respect from big companies, no matter how proficient a freelancer is.


5 big facts from the point of customers;


  1. Working with agencies is expensive, laborious and slow.
  2. Freelancers are cheaper and faster, but it is difficult to find a reliable one.
  3. Some projects are too big for one person, must be carried out with a team of creatives.
  4. You need to make dozens of calls and meetings to find a good creative agency.
  5. It is necessary to hire a specialist to manage all the marketing and communication tasks.
  6. If there is no such person, even the smallest work carried out by the freelancer or agency must be carried out by the entrepreneur himself.


Finally, I came to realize the importance of how freelancers should work as a team.

On the other hand, I already had a team; my partner as the graphic designer, I, as the copywriter, and our customer representative who found us the customers and attended the meetings on our behalf.

We, as a team, have taken very good jobs with this system. So why not share the same system with others?


Then, Oxt Branding is born.

Today, we are happy to share this system to the world that brings us to good places.

We hope that independent work will become more widespread all over the world and will bring happiness to free spirits.

Nil Yalcinkaya
Founder of Oxt Branding